Jennifer’s Kreations:

  1. Are Jennifer’s Kreations suitable for people with Type-2 Diabetes?
    • Yes. We use low glycemic sweeteners which tend to be less problematic for diabetic patients, but always check in with your doctor or nutritionist to review any dietary inclusion.
  2. Can people who suffer from Gluten Intolerance or Celiac enjoy Jennifer’s Kreations?
    • Yes. None of our products contain wheat or gluten.
  3. Can Jennifer’s Kreations be consumed during a weight-loss program?
    • Yes, but in moderation. Some of the most successful weight-loss programs have made room for “Cheat” snacks, meals or even days, because very strict dietary programs are not well complied to. So if you’re going to exercise that cheat option, do it with Jennifer’s Kreations to reduce insulin response and promote less fat production.
  4. Are Jennifer’s Kreations Keto-Friendly?
    • Yes. Jennifer is very carb conscious with her limited use of only complex carbs and low glycemic natural sweeteners.

Your Health Coaching:

  1. Can Jennifer help me drop the pounds and teach me how to keep them off??
    • Yes! Jennifer combines cutting edge nutritional science, personal experience with weight issues, and years of success helping people shed their body fat and build muscle; while teaching them dozens of lifestyle techniques proven to keep the weight off for years to come.
  2. What other ailments may resolve in working with Jennifer as your Health Coach?
    • Many of my clients have reported significant improvements in energy, sleep, and a number of issues related to digestion, metabolism, blood sugar, hormones, immunity and cognitive function. My approaches are personalized to your needs to address your unique health challenges.
  3. Are Jennifer’s approaches to wellness just limited to nutrition?
    • No. She also focuses on your emotional and mental roadblocks to health which can play a major role in the success of your programs with her.
  4. Does Jennifer accept insurance?
    • No, but if we agree that you can’t enjoy life without your health; then we must also agree that your vitality and wellbeing should be a major priority in your life. From that perspective, you may want to ask yourself, “What is my health worth?” When comparing that number to my coaching fees, I’m quite affordable.