Jennifer’s Mission

When Jennifer Kwon first started her health coaching business, she saw so many ”Health Experts” talking about what people had to “give up” to lose the weight and become healthy. She read all the science, and from a purely left brain perspective the data “seemed” to support their teachings; but something was missing.

“Why does being healthy require deprivation?”, she asked. “Why can’t it be an exciting and delicious journey toward greater vitality?” From there she began integrating the psychology of healthy eating, purposeful movement and ancient mindfulness techniques with her health coach training to provide her clients with the kind of transformative results they had only dreamed of.

Soon she realized many of her clients didn’t want to totally give up on sweets; so instead for resigning herself to that fact, she created a line of scrumptiously healthy desserts called “Jennifer’s Guilt Free Kreations.”

Finally, with unbridled enthusiasm, she began her weekly podcast, “Jennifer’s Guilt Free Café” to spread the word about the limitless opportunities for health, vitality and living a truly delicious life, while interviewing leaders in the fields of cooking and natural medicine.